An Ideal Way to Fulfill Your Personal Loan Requirements

A short term financial crunch comes to the life of many people. To revive your personal finance even during short financial crunches, you can simply opt for a personal loan. It could help you to pay your monthly installments against some purchases. It could also help you to pay your medical bills or credit card bills. When it comes to personal loans, the obvious choice are banks. However, the bank loan process is not easy. A lot of verification/scrutinizing processes are concluded by banks before then lend to you. Majority of the verification process requires your physical involvement.

Judging the present scenario of Indian banking system, banks are not sanctioning small personal loans; loan requirement being Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,50,000. Even if they sanction your loan, you may get it at higher rates or it takes lot of efforts to get it disbursed. So, finding an alternate money lender has become quite essential these days. While choosing an alternative lending option, the rate of interest for loan repayment has to be kept in mind. Most of the finance companies provide loans with high interest rates. Many a times, the offered interest rate is flat. The borrower thinks that he has a loan at lesser rate. However, it proves to be very costly due to its flat interest rate. Sometimes, borrowers are charged multiple fees and charges which are not conveyed at the time of sanctioning the loan. In such a scenario, P2P lending becomes an obvious choice.

If you are looking for hassle free and low interest based instant personal loans, a good peer to peer lending platform can be the perfect destination for you. P2P Platforms have large numbers of individual/institutional lenders who lend money to the borrowers. Transparent business ethics and simplified funding of loan amounts can be expected from them. For best p2p loans in India, one of the ideal choice could be LenDenClub, which offer bunch of benefits to you:

Easy Terms and Conditions to apply

Every finance company has different terms and conditions to offer to their borrowers. LenDenClub is not different. However, the advantage is their transparent yet simple terms and conditions. It could be the best peer to peer lending experience for you. To apply for loans, you must fulfill the some basic requirement like:

  • Age: Your age must be at least 22 years or you can apply once you turn 22.
  • Pan Card: You must have a valid PAN card.
  • Bank Account: You should have a valid bank account number, matching exactly with the name and address that you have provided in our loan application form.
  • Address Proof: You must have acceptable address proofs.

Experience simplest and hassle free peer to peer loans from LenDenClub.

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