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The greatest pleasures in life come not from materialistic gains. For sure things have a value and drive people onwards, but that fades with time. Fulfillment on the other hand is an experience worth unearthing. A very underappreciated and blissful feeling, fulfillment is the very reason behind our existence and once felt with full tilt, is hard to let go of. Travelling is something similar!

Truth is, there’s nothing like travelling. Who’d want to miss a chance to slip into a hammock undisturbed at sunset with an ice cold beer and sway slowly to the tunes of their favourite song? Hitting the road brings with it mind blowing stories of adventure, excitement and fear. There’s so much intimacy and craft in each one’s perception of travelling that it’s hard to define what its ultimate form looks like.

With super high inflation rates, the cost of travelling has risen. In fact, travel and tourism has become a massive industry, making travelling from one place to another easier. The cost, although still pretty high, hasn’t killed the sense of adventure in individuals. Instant Personal loans for vacations have surged to new heights in the last two or three years confirming the unmatched spirit of travel enthusiast.

Availing holiday or travel loans is quite easy and comes with a whole lot of benefits and perks. These loans are usually availed for a shorter duration or tenure thus saving the borrower valuable money. Also, Personal loans for travel account for more than 20% of the total applications on P2P lending platforms, just 5% behind Home Renovation loans. All of this points to the growing awareness and enthusiasm among individuals about the positives of travelling on the mind, body and soul.

Being such a diverse country, India offers great adventures to travellers willing to test themselves to the limit. From the rocky Himalayas to the neverending Indian ocean, travellers stand to experience the extremes of both the worlds in eventful India. Travelling in India is nevertheless cheaper considering so many commuting options readily available. However, travelling in the North and North eastern regions of the country can be tricky and expensive given the unfriendly terrain found in these places. That being said, the beauty of the Himalayas cannot be ignored and is worth visiting at least once in life.

Travelling does not necessarily mean just packing bags, crossing borders or being nomadic. It’s about living a full life, being connected to the present moment, experiencing unbridled joy and creating (and sharing) profound memories. Although our very definition of travelling may differ, we’d all agree that travel allows us to escape the everyday formalities, giving us a sense of ownership over our lives. To travel is to escape the chaos of our lives: The expectations, routines and demands placed upon us that make us feel like we’re constantly jammed into the powerpoint.

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