Understanding the Different Types of Instant Loans You Can Avail Through Peer To Peer Lending

Whatever may be the reason, your needs and requirements will be solved through instant cash loans provided by peer-to-peer lending platforms. An instant loan is a form of loan taken from an investor or a financial institution for various multiple purposes. The variety of purposes for availing an instant personal loan varies depending on the individual requirements. 

If you need instant loans to plan the vacation you have been waiting for days, or to have that dream wedding you have been wishing for or a family get-to-gather which is pending for months now. Or maybe if you’re facing a cash crunch because of which you are unable to shop your favourite things. Also, maybe if you need to make your credit card payment or your rental deposit? Or it could be an emergency like a medical situation or needing an urgent advance salary as your regular salary has not yet been credited? 

Stay all worry free since you’re covered. Even if your income gets delayed, your monthly expenses don’t wait. We all understand this. Everything is at your comfort now. You do not need to stress about not having extra cash in hand. In an emergency you can avail it through the P2P lending platform. 

InstaMoney, a flagship product of LenDenClub, a leading peer-to-peer lending platform, provides instant loans for multiple purposes. The go-to platform for you to avail instant personal loans. The platform offers you quick loans at an interest rate ranging between 0% (for no cost EMI finance) to 3% (maximum) per month for a tenure of 3-5 months. The loan amount offered under the category ranges between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000 and is applicable for people without any default/write-off in the past. Nevertheless, the loan disbursement time varies between 10 minutes to 2 hours. 

Since InstaMoney does not require any credit history, it is a more accessible route for an instant personal loan than banks. With over 2.5 million downloads, InstaMoney is one of the best instant personal loan mobile applications available on Google Play.

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