InstaMoney in an exciting new avatar.

Your favourite instant cash loan app has taken a new avatar!

Yes! InstaMoney has been revamped with exciting features and benefits.  The app has already earned the appreciation of salaried individuals across our country and now the revamped version is going to win the hearts of one and all!

So, what’s unique about the new revamped InstaMoney?

A lot and it deserves a list.

No credit card? No bank balance?

Still, you can shop online!

You heard it right! You don’t need credit cards, even bank balance to shop online.  Our revamped app empowers you to avail that coveted no cost EMI benefit at Flipkart.

Cash loan limit increased*

We have always wanted to give more than what is expected and this is the right time to honour our loyal customers.  The cash loan limit has been increased.  Now, with InstaMoney at your disposal, you can plan more, dream more.

Complete online process

In the middle of your busy schedule, it won’t be that comfortable and even not possible for you to pay a visit, spend time with representatives filling forms after forms and signing all over the face of all kinds of documents.  We know what’s convenient for you and that’s why, in the first place, we have conceptualized a mobile app, a platform on which the entire loan process begins and ends.  Now, the process is completely online and no need for physical visits.

Step by step tracking

With InstaMoney, you can track the progress of your loan process step by step. So, once you apply for a cash loan, you don’t have to sit and wonder what’s going on in the other end.  Our app keeps you informed of the status.  You will receive instant messages at every step of the journey and within 2 hours the cash will get credited in your bank account.  It’s easy!

Automated verification

When it comes to loans and banks, often do we hear this “verification process is pending”.  Even after all the formalities have been done, there is this “verification process is pending.  We will let you know in a couple of days”.  We have decided to make it easier and faster.  We have made it automatic.  So that it won’t drag the process and you will get the cash deposited in your bank account faster.

Refer and earn

The phrase is boring, a cliché.  Refer your friends to buy our car and earn bonus points.  Refer your family to eat at our restaurants and earn bonus points.  So much of referrals and hundreds and thousands of bonus points given away generously by all the companies all through the year.  But, here is a convincing reason, why our “Refer and Earn” is worth considering.

Because you are going to refer someone, a friend, a colleague, or a relative who is in need of some money.  Who needs money?  Everyone.  “Refer and earn” has never been this easy, this compelling.  Start referring.  Start earning!

Faster loan disbursals

The loan process is already faster and now with automated verification, the time taken for the entire process has further been reduced.  Now, apply for a loan and get the cash deposited in your bank account within 2 hours.  Just a little longer than the amount of time taken for the delivery of the food you order online!

Install the cash loan app today so that you won’t miss out on those limited period offers.

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