Fair Practice Code

The RBI has included a section on Fair Practices Code in its guidelines for NBFC-P2P so as to define and set minimum standards which an NBFC-P2P is expected to comply with, while dealing with its existing or prospective customers. LenDenClub will formulate the fair practices code and implement the same with approval of the board. The code is applicable on all the services, rendered by the company from all of its operating/service locations covering its every single establishment. The officials and authorized signatories of the company will follow this code. This Code will cover following key aspects:

1. Fairness, Transparency and Disclosures

  • This Code will ensure that the Company and its employees act with reasonable fairness and probity while dealing with its customers focusing on the fact that the commitments are fulfilled and the services are met with the applicable standards.
  • The Code will ensure that the applicable laws are complied with and customers are treated with principles of integrity and transparency.
  • The company transparently and on non-discriminatory basis discloses to its borrower(s) about all the information on fee/charges structure prevailing from time to time. Information on prepayment options with charges involved therein, if any, penalty for delay in repayment or any other matter affecting the interest of the borrower(s) i.e. precisely, the entire cost structure is disclosed under one umbrella.
  • The Company does not use coercive methods of recovery practices
  • The Company will make this Code available at all its offices branch, website and by email (on request)
  • The Company will ensure that the employees are trained to provide relevant information about the Code and to put the Code into practice.

2. Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Personal information of customers shall be treated as private and confidential even when the customers cease to be our clients.
  • The Company will not reveal transaction details of the customer’s accounts, to a third party except in the following circumstances: –
    • If the company has to give the information required under law;
    • If there is a duty towards the public to reveal the information;
    • If the interests of the company require to give the information; for example, to prevent fraud; and
    • If the customer expressly gives its consent to reveal the information to group/associate/entities or other companies when they have tie-up arrangements for providing other financial service products/other products.
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