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Do you sometimes find yourself in a situation where you need some extra funds in addition to your regular salary to manage unexpected expenses? Do you wish that there was an instant way to get the required amount? If your answer to the above questions is a yes, then you are not alone.

Personal loans for the salaried are unsecured loans from financial organisations that need to be repaid within a specific period, usually as monthly installments. Personal loans for salaried employees have long been used to help people get through difficult financial times. Let us get to the basics and understand the reasons why salaried people need personal loans.

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Instant Loan for Salaried through InstaMoney 

InstaMoney is a leading online loan app that offers a maximum of Rs. 50000 as a personal loan for a salaried employee.The loan app has also done away with the credit history check, making it a more accessible option to get a loan for a salaried person. 

Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria for Salaried Person

Any salaried or self-employed person can avail a personal loan from InstaMoney. The personal loan eligibility for salaried persons is as follows:

  • The individual should be between 21 and 45 years of age
  • The minimum net monthly income should be Rs. 12000
  • The individual should not have defaulted on any loan payment in the past 2 years
  • Should be an Indian Citizen

Documents Required for Personal Loan for Salaried

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Documents – Aadhar Card and PAN Card
  • Bank statement of the previous 3 months with your salary reflected in these statements.
  • Any other documents that can be requested by the loan app during the credit risk appraisal

InstaMoney Charges & Interest Rates for Salaried Employees

DetailInstaMoney Charges
Interest Rate1.84%- 3.43% per month
Assessment FeeRs. 199 if you are found to be eligible for loan approval & Rs. 199 is charged every time you reapply for a loan
Processing Fee5% of the loan amount +GST

You can calculate the exact EMI that you need to pay for the personal loan you have taken using this online EMI calculator.

Step-by-Step Process to Apply Personal Loans for Salaried

Applying for a personal loan for a salaried employee is easy. Just follow these steps to get an instant loan for the salaried:
  1. Create an Account:
  2. Once you download the InstaMoney online app, sign up using your social media account/gmail/ or your mobile number.
  3. Check the personal loan eligibility for salaried persons:
  4. Go through a simple eligibility check where have to enter basic personal and financial details to know how much personal loan you are eligible for.
  5. Complete the Loan application:
  6. Upload the scanned copies of the required documents. You will be notified about the loan approval status almost instantly.
  7. App to Account:
  8. Once the loan amount is approved, it gets transferred to your bank account within 2 hours.

Need of Personal Loan for Salaried Employees

Your salary might sometimes fall short of managing certain emergency financial needs. This can be a sudden home or vehicle repair, medical expenses, luxury purchases, weddings, or even a short vacation.

Whatever the expense might be, personal loans for salaried individuals with competitive interest rates and predictable monthly instalments make it easy for you to fulfil your needs and repay the debt with your monthly salary.

Instant Loans for the Salaried People- Online Loan Apps

Avoid repeated trips to the bank and loads of paperwork, not to mention the never-ending wait for the personal loan. Wondering how? Personal loans for the salaried have become easier to avail than ever before. 

Take advantage of the completely digital personal loan lender- the online loan app. You can get an instant loan for a salaried person through a completely digital process with minimal documentation and immediate approvals. Flexible loan payment options, competitive interest rates and a secure process make online apps a preferred option to avail loans for salaried people.

Personal Loans for the Salaried- What Should You Know Before You Apply?

There are certain things that you need to remember before you apply for a personal loan through an online loan app. Be wary of your repayment capacity and your credit score. Compare, review and analyse the credentials of several online loan apps that offer personal loans for salaried applicants before choosing the best one. 


There is no doubt that the instant loan for salaried applicants is an ideal financial tool to manage urgent short-term financial needs. 

Securing a personal loan for salaried employees might be easy. However, you need to exercise a bit of caution before applying for a personal loan for salaried through an online app. Don’t get carried away and borrow more than what you need. 

Make an informed decision after a careful review of the hidden costs, penalties, and reputation of the online loan app. 

If you are still confused about the best online loan app for availing an instant loan for salaried individuals, choose InstaMoney. Join over 69 lakh registered users and become one of the 2.5 million who have downloaded the free online loan app. The disbursal of loans of over 12000 crores stands as a testament to the reliability of InstaMoney.

Download InstaMoney, a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulated online loan app powered by India’s largest peer-to-peer lending organisation Lenden Club today. Get instant cash with InstaMoney.


1. Who are considered as salaried individuals?

Any individual who earns a fixed pay every month (exclusive of incentives) and is a part of the payroll of a registered company is considered salaried. Personal loans for salaried employees are possible only if the salary is credited to the individual’s bank account.

2. How much personal loan can I get on Rs.25000 salary?

Most online loan apps require a minimum monthly salary of Rs. 15000 to sanction an instant loan for the salaried. The loan amount you are eligible for depends on several factors such as your credit score, your employment profile and the EMI (equated monthly instalment) and NMI (net monthly income) ratio.

3. Can I avail an instant salary loan if my credit score is less?

Many banks and non-banking financial organisations do not prefer to give instant salary loans to people with a low CIBIL score. However, some lenders do sanction loans but levy a higher rate of interest in such situations.

4. Can I get multiple personal loans simultaneously?

No, it would not be possible to get multiple personal loans for salaried individuals simultaneously. You need to completely close one personal loan before you apply for another. 

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