A fantastic weekend outing with your friends.  The latest smartphone with 20 MP back camera.  Your little daughter’s birthday party.  Above all, that medical checkup you have been postponing every month!

We want to do a million things in life.  But we never ever have that spare money in our hands and we keep on postponing them.  Right from buying the latest gadgets to scheduling crucial medical checkups, the list goes on.Even postponing a trivial wish like buying a shirt of our favorite brand could be disheartening.  Sometimes, we need some things, if not everything, instantly.  Don’t we? Let’s give a thought about it.  Just in the last 3 months, how many times we must have stuck in circumstances when we needed some cash immediately?  The sum might have been small.  But the timing and situation must have been critical.  On such instances, how to swiftly acquire some hot cash in our hands and get rid of the problems? We could ask our friends.  Or, why not, we could ask our relatives.  But why bring money in-between good relationships.  Even epic friendships break because of conflicts over money.

Then, how to get cash instantly?  It’s really a million-rupee question!

Like any other industry, the financial sector has also been witnessing a revolution with the big bang of Internet.  No exaggerations.  The process of borrowing and lending has been redefined with the latest technological innovations.  Now, one can get cash loans through mobile apps / online platforms in a shorter span of time when compared to banks and other traditional financial institutions.  Having said that, how do you decide from so many options in the market? Here are some tips to get you started.

Amount of time taken for approval, interest rate and time limit for paying back are no doubt the deciding factors.  Along with that, we suggest that you take a look at the past history of the lending app.  How are they performing in the market as a business entity? Are they consistent in providing quality service all through the entire process from beginning to end? After all, money is involved in the process and let’s not take even a minor detail for granted.

InstaMoney helps you get instant cash to your bank account.  The process is so smooth that you don’t even feel like you have applied for a loan. So, whenever you are in want of money, download InstaMoney, get instant loans and pay it back with a smile!  Happy borrowing!