As summer temperatures rise, the need for a good cooling solution becomes important for comfort. Yet, buying an air conditioner is expensive and might not be an option for many. Renting an AC is a flexible alternative to purchasing, with no significant up-front expenses and ease of maintenance.

But how do you get an AC on rent?

This blog will examine different platforms where it is possible to rent ACs, compare their prices and characteristics, and share several tips on what to pay attention to while renting.

Comparing AC Rental Options

In recent years, the convenience of AC rental apps has made it easier for consumers to access cooling solutions without the hassle of purchasing. These platforms not only provide a variety of AC on rent like split, window AC on rent, and portable AC for rent but also offer services such as installation, maintenance, and flexible rental terms.

From established names to emerging players in the market, let’s compare some of the popular apps where you can find these services:


Price Range





₹1400 – ₹3,000/month

Split AC, Window AC; Maintenance Included

3 – 12+ months




Split AC, Portable AC; Free Relocation

1 month onwards



 Starting at ₹1599/ month

Window AC, Tower AC; Free Installation




Starting at ₹400/month

Used ACs; Varied Options




Starting at ₹999/month

Split AC, Window AC; Maintenance Included



Overview of AC Rental Providers

1. Rentomojo

Rentomojo provides rental ACs with complete maintenance included, mostly for short-term leases. This service offers furniture and home appliance rentals like a cooler on rent or a fridge on rent suitable for people with itinerant lifestyles.

2. Furlenco

The Furlenco app is designed for people who frequently change their place of residence, offering energy-efficient, stylish ACs, and free relocation. This app is great for the young, urban generation looking for convenient and fashionable temporary furnishings.

3. Cityfurnish

Cityfurnish is presented as the most reasoned and easy options for rental ACs and speed of placement. It provides all types of AC units on rent like split AC on rent, tower AC for rent, etc. The app focuses on customer satisfaction and provides detailed information to match an appropriate AC for the space.

4. OLX

This diverse, huge marketplace is for those who wish to rent ACs directly from the owners or place them for free. Because the ads may belong to the owner, the renters must nevertheless verify the terms and conditions in advance by themselves.

5. Rentmacha

This app is specifically designed for AC rentals with a focus on consumer appeal, efficiency, and service. It has well-maintained AC units available with transparent conditions and charges, offering renters easy terms for a temporary and economical venture.

Things to Check Before Renting an AC

Before proceed to book an AC on rent, make sure to check the following:

1. Unit Condition

Ensure the AC is in good working condition. Check for any visible damage or unusual noises.

2. Energy Efficiency

Opt for ACs with a higher star rating to save on electricity bills.

3. Maintenance Agreement

Understand what maintenance is covered by the rental company to avoid future disputes.

4. Size and Capacity

Choose an AC whose capacity suits the size of your room for efficient cooling.

5. Rental Agreement Terms

Read the rental terms thoroughly to understand the commitment and any penalties for early termination.

Why Choose Renting an AC Over Buying One

Renting an AC offers several advantages over buying:

1. Lower Initial Cost

Buying an AC upfront or even an air conditioner on EMI can be expensive. Renting eliminates this substantial upfront cost, especially when the need for AC is temporary or for a short period.

2. Flexibility

Renting an AC allows you to upgrade or downgrade the AC model easily based on your current needs. When you buy an AC, you have to stick to it as the investment in purchasing is significant.

3. No Maintenance Hassles

Most rental agreements include maintenance expenses. This relieves you from the burden of repairs.

4. Ideal for Temporary Needs

Getting an air cooler for rent is perfect for people living in temporary housing or those who move frequently.

How Instamoney’s Personal Loan Can Help to Rent AC

If you need an AC for rent but have a limited budget, personal loans from Instamoney might be the way to go. Available up to 50000 loan on aadhar card, is perfect for your expenses on AC rentals. This way, you won’t have to stress about initial payment and can enjoy an AC’s comfort by purchasing an AC on EMI.

Instamoney’s personal loans are disbursed digitally and can be availed directly into your bank account within two hours. The repayment conditions are also convenient and allow you to allocate expenses over a period of time in small batches.

To be eligible for this personal loan, you must be an Indian citizen aged 21 to 45 with a minimum monthly salary of ₹12,000. Required documents include KYC and the last three months’ bank statements showing the salary. Besides, the NACH mandate ensures easy loan repayment by debiting your salary account automatically.


For renters seeking cost-effective and flexible options, an AC rental is the way to go. There are multiple trustworthy platforms on the market, offering an extensive selection of necessary models without a purchase commitment.

Always read the rental agreement carefully and consider using services like Instamoney’s personal loans to ease financial stress. Stay cool and comfortable without breaking the bank!


1. What is the cost of renting an AC?

The cost of renting an AC depends on the city you live in and the application you use. Some apps like Rentamacha provide rental ACs at prices as low as Rs 999 per month.

2. What is the minimum rental period for most ACs?

Most AC renting apps have an adaptable rental period that meets your requirements. Rent it for a month or for a year as you require.

3. Can I rent an AC for just a month?

Yes, most AC renting apps offer adaptable plans. You can avail of monthly rental plans.

4. Are air conditioner rental services available in India?

Yes, air conditioner rental services are available in India and we have discussed several such companies that provide these services above.