Find Best Mobile Banking App for Your Needs

Feeling overwhelmed by the options? Answer these questions to identify the mobile banking app that best suits your needs:

Checking account balances and transactions
Quickly transferring funds and paying bills
Handling investments and financial planning

Long bank lines are a thing of the past. Today, a digital banking app is the most popular way to handle funds. It’s convenient, secure, and allows you to bank from anywhere. However, with so many mobile banking applications to choose from, it may be difficult to make an informed decision. Here, we’ll review the top ten mobile banking applications in India for 2024.

Selection Criteria for Top Mobile Banking Apps:

  • Security
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Features Offered
  • Customer Support
  • User Ratings

Top 10 Mobile Banking Applications in India – 2024

1. Kotak-811 & Mobile Banking App


User Rating: 4.1 stars on Google Play

Kotak-811 offers a zero-balance savings account with an internationally enabled virtual debit card. It features a slick digital banking app UI. It is the first app in India to offer WhatsApp banking. You may now bank on a familiar platform using this app.

Key Features

  • View account details and transaction details, and download e-statements.
  • Send and receive money for instant transfers using IMPS, NEFT, and UPI.
  • Manage your zero-balance savings account with an internationally enabled virtual debit card for online payments.
  • Connect your bank account with WhatsApp and initiate banking transactions through a chat interface.

Pros and Cons

User-friendly interface with innovative featuresLimited investment options compared to dedicated investment apps
Zero-balance savings account with virtual debit cardOccasional app crashes reported by some users
WhatsApp banking for convenient banking on a familiar platformMight be overwhelming for users who only need basic functionalities

2. HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App


User Rating: 3.9 stars on Google Play 

The HDFC Bank app from one of India’s largest banks, allows you to manage your finances conveniently. You can check account summaries, make payments, transfer funds, and pay utility bills all within the HDFC net banking app.

Key Features

  • Send and receive money using IMPS, NEFT, and UPI through the HDFC bank mobile banking app.
  • Schedule and pay various bills, including utilities and credit cards.
  • Personalize your app dashboard to display the features you use most frequently.
  • Access a streamlined version of the HDFC app download for users with slower internet connections.

Pros and Cons

User-friendly interface with customizable featuresLimited investment options compared to dedicated investment apps
Reliable and secure platform from a major bankSome users report occasional app crashes
Lite version available for users with slower internetMay not offer the most advanced features compared to some other apps

3. YONO SBI (State Bank of India)

SBI Yono

User Rating: 4.3 stars on Google Play 

Previously known as SBI Anywhere Personal, YONO SBI offers a user-friendly and secure platform for SBI account holders. It supports multiple languages and allows click-based and voice-assisted transactions for a convenient banking experience.

Key Features

  • Use YONO app to send and receive money using IMPS, NEFT, and UPI.
  • Schedule and pay various bills, including utilities and credit cards.
  • Access the SBI mobile banking app in multiple regional languages for broader accessibility.
  • Perform banking transactions using voice commands for added convenience.

Pros and Cons

Voice-assisted transactionsMight be overwhelming for users who only need basic functionalities.
All-in-one Platform (investments, shopping, travel booking)Customer service responsiveness might vary.
Cardless Cash WithdrawalLimited investment options compared to dedicated investment apps.

4. Axis Mobile App


User Rating: 4.8 stars on Google Play

Renowned for its stability, Axis Mobile offers a comprehensive suite of banking services.

Key Features

  • Use the Axis Bank app to schedule automatic payments for various bills, including utilities and credit cards.
  • Track your mutual fund investments within the Axis mobile app.
  • Set spending limits, turn contactless payments on/off, and temporarily block your card if misplaced.

Pros and Cons

Stable and reliable performanceOccasional app crashes reported by some users
Wide range of features for managing financesLimited investment options compared to dedicated investment apps
Auto-pay functionality for bills 
Debit card control options 

5. IDBI Bank GO Mobile+ App


User Rating: 4.4 stars on Google Play

Designed for a smooth banking experience, IDBI GO Mobile+ offers a user-friendly interface and various services. You can check account statements, make payments, recharge prepaid mobiles, and pay utility bills.

Key Features

  • Choose seasonal themes or customize your login screen on the IDBI bank app.
  • Secure your login with a selfie picture.
  • Use IDBI app to view holdings and transactions directly within the app.

Pros and Cons

Simple and easy-to-use interfaceLimited investment and advanced features
Supports regional languagesCustomer service responsiveness might vary
Covers essential banking needs 
Mobile recharge functionality 

6. BOB World


User Rating: 4.1 stars on Google Play

Developed by the Bank of Baroda, BOB World is an app known for its user-friendliness.

Key Features

  • Withdraw cash at BOB ATMs using a one-time MPIN generated within the Bank of Baroda app.
  • Generate QR codes on BOB mobile banking app for easy bill payments at merchant locations.
  • Store and manage digital receipts for your transactions within the app.

Pros and Cons

Convenient bill payments & organized receiptsRelies on QR reader compatibility & increases app storage use
Simplified cash depositsLimited branch availability for cash deposit requests
Security features (2FA, biometrics, data encryption)Responsiveness of customer service

7. ICICI Bank iMobile Pay App


User Rating: 4.5 stars on Google Play

A highly rated app by ICICI Bank, iMobile Pay offers a comprehensive suite of banking services.

Key Features

  • Open fixed deposits (FDs), invest in recurring deposits (RDs) and manage existing investments.
  • Access and manage your ICICI Bank life insurance policies on the ICICI Bank mobile app.
  • Get quick access to personal loans against your credit card on the imobile app.

Pros and Cons

The ICICI bank app features a streamlined layout for effortless navigation.The app may experience occasional technical glitches or crashes.
Customize your dashboard for quick access to frequently used features.Some users report slower processing times for transactions.
Clear menus and categorized services.The app might require frequent updates to ensure smooth performance.

8. Canara Bank ai1 Mobile Banking App


User Rating: 4.4 stars on Google Play

Designed with the goal of “One Bank, One App,” Canara Bank’s ai1 app offers a variety of banking services.

Key Features

  • Use Canara bank app to pay instantly at stores with a tap using your phone (RTGS/NEFT enabled).
  • Start fixed or recurring deposits or invest in mutual funds all within the Canara bank mobile app.
  • Set up recurring payments for your bills and savings goals.

Pros and Cons

Book flights, hotels, buses, and cabs directly through the app.Occasional problems might occur with UPI transactions.
Check your credit score and pay bills seamlessly through Bharat Bill Payment.Features might be limited for users who don’t have a Canara Bank account.
Access insurance, Demat services, and IPO applicationsThe app might experience occasional slowdowns or technical glitches.

9. Bank of India BOI Mobile App


User Rating: 3.0 stars on Google Play

BOI Mobile boasts a secure and comprehensive banking experience for Bank of India account holders.

Key Features

  • View balances and statements and manage all accounts on the Bank of India app.
  • Transfer funds quickly with IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS, and utilize the “Favourite” feature on boi mobile app.
  • Locate ATMs, manage cheques, and access various banking services.

Pros and Cons

Efficient navigation for transfers and management.Interface might be challenging for new users to navigate.
User-friendly interface with easy account access.Lacks advanced features compared to some competitors.
Streamlined process for adding “Favourites.”Occasional transaction delays and app crashes reported.

10. Punjab National Bank PNB ONE App


User Rating: 4.4 stars on Google Play

PNB ONE is the official mobile banking app from Punjab National Bank.

Key Features

  • Gain quick access to all your accounts through an interactive interface by downloading the PNB One app.
  • Invest in term deposits and mutual funds, all within the PNB One app.
  • Track cheque status, request stop payments, and manage cheques conveniently.

Pros and Cons

Access value-added services like PAN/Aadhaar registration.Features might be limited for non-PNB customers.
Manage existing credit/debit cardsMay be complex for new users to navigate.
Enjoy the app in English, Hindi, and other languages.App crashes and slow processing times reported.

Features of a Mobile Banking App

After reviewing the top 10 mobile banking apps in India, we will now discuss the key features to consider when selecting the right one for you.

  • Look for an app that supports two-factor authentication. It should also support fingerprint and face ID logins.
  • A user-friendly interface is essential for simple navigation and a smooth banking experience.
  • The ability to see account information, download statements, and track transactions is crucial.
  • Look for an app that provides a variety of transfer choices. For quick money transactions, this app should support IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, and UPI.
  • Schedule and pay a variety of payments, including utilities, credit cards, mobile recharge, and more. This might help you save time and guarantee that your payments arrive on schedule.
  • If you have loans, see if the app lets you track loan information, view EMIs, and make payments.
  • Reliable and timely customer assistance is critical for resolving any difficulties.

Which One is the Best Mobile Banking App in India?

Managing mobile banking applications may be like selecting a trustworthy travel partner. You want someone who is simple to get along with and meets your requirements.

In mobile banking apps, you search for dependability and a fit with your needs. We compared popular applications based on functionality, security, and user experience to make your search easier.

YONO SBI and Kotak Mahindra bank apps feature user-friendly UIs, which make them perfect for those who prefer a hassle-free banking experience.

YONO SBI is an all-in-one application. It enables you to handle your bills, research investment opportunities, and plan vacations. All of these duties can be accomplished on a single platform.

HDFC Bank Mobile Banking is designed for customers who appreciate personalized experiences. Their “My Menu” category allows you to prioritize commonly used elements and create a personalized financial hub.

Security is another major factor. User surveys frequently rate SBI and HDFC as India’s most trustworthy and secure banking applications. Finally, the “ideal” app relies on your unique needs.

Future Trends in Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile banking is continuously changing, and new developments are on the horizon. Here, we’ll look at expert forecasts and impending features that will influence the future of mobile banking in India.

We expect a sustained focus on:

  1. Expect enhanced biometric security. This security features iris scanning and voice recognition. It will keep your accounts more secure than before.
  2. Consider having a virtual financial advisor within your app. They offer individualized advice based on your spending patterns and financial objectives.
  3. Become passionate about blockchain technology. It speeds up your transactions. It makes them feel more secure. It provides complete transparency.

Upcoming Features and Innovations

Keep an eye on these intriguing features:

  1. Your app offers bill payments depending on the impending due dates. It also makes investment recommendations based on current market patterns.
  2. Open Banking allows for safe data sharing between banks and third-party financial entities. This exchange may lead to more tailored financial goods and services.
  3. Earning points or awards might make banking more appealing. This is particularly true for the younger generations.


We examined India’s top mobile banking applications, highlighting their distinguishing features and functions.

Remember that the “best” app meets your individual needs. Consider user-friendliness before making your decision. Consider security features, available functionality, and investment opportunities.

The future of mobile banking in India looks promising. With novel features and a focus on user involvement, this vista holds a lot of potential. Understanding the existing scenario allows you to make an educated decision.

You can confidently select a mobile banking app to manage your accounts by staying current with future trends.


1. Is mobile banking safe?

Yes. Leading mobile banking applications prioritize security. They utilize rigorous security methods such as two-factor authentication and data encryption to protect your information.

2. What are some obstacles to utilizing mobile banking apps?

One problem is the possibility of data leaks. Always select an app with a respected name and solid security features. Avoid disclosing your login details over public Wi-Fi.

3. How can I report a security concern with a mobile banking app?

If you notice a security issue with a mobile banking app, notify the app’s customer care team immediately. They may analyze the problem and take the necessary precautions to secure your information.