6 reasons to get a Personal loan in India

Life can be uncertain at times and money issues, even more so. Personal loans as the name suggests, are meant for personal use and is a valuable armor to have in your arsenal. With a good credit score and legal documents, anyone can make use of personal loans to suit their needs. Borrowing money from relatives, friends or anyone close enough is not something people prefer these days largely due to the brittleness of the relationship, and rightly so. Why should you borrow and miss out on the bragging rights when a personal loan can be your backup? Money disbursement isn’t an issue either due to Peer to Peer lending platforms like LenDenClub, who transfer the money to your account in less than 72 hours. But why should you get a personal loan in the first place? So, let’s look into some general reasons for availing personal loans in India:

1. Home Improvement:

Your home is your home. It commands respect and attention from you in every way possible. Moving a little furniture here and there or buying completely new ones wouldn’t be outlandish either. There’s so much variety in home decor that whatever you do feels less. But this isn’t an investment you’re going to regret so you might as well have some fun with it. Break through the walls that annoy you, the ceiling that mocks you and build yourself something extravagant. A good furnished house has a good sale value, so it’s a win win.

2. Holidays:

Of course we need a break sometime. Such is the pace at which our lives are moving that we often forget to treat ourselves to a sassy time off. That’s the least we all deserve even if your wallet thinks otherwise. Avail an instant short term personal loan now and just head off to some place that makes you go into oblivion.

3. Fund you dream car/bike :

It all starts with a dream. Ever since we rode our first bicycle on a breezy Sunday morning with our fathers beside us, our love affair with vehicles never stopped. A vehicle is a vehicle no matter how long or short it measures or it’s invoice read. The happiness we feel when buying a vehicle by our own money is just hard to put in words. Personal loans couldn’t be used for better purposes than fulfilling perpetual desires, as in essence, it’s our lives and we have every right to make it large.

4. Debt Consolidation:

Technically, debt consolidation is taking out a new loan to pay off other higher interest debts. personal loans are very useful for this as the interest rates are comparatively less which saves you valuable money you would not notice otherwise. You might have never heard of this and probably believe debt consolidation is not even a valid term, but counterintuitive to popular belief, you can do that and it is a valid term.

5. Weddings:

Nothing costs more than your dream wedding and in all probability, you’re not going to be able to fund it. There’s so much of designer wear to buy and lots to gift but the sight of your account makes you grumpy. But no need for alarm. Personal loans from LenDenClub are there to back you up again with low interest rates and quick money disbursal giving you the opportunity to properly plan your dream day.

6. Medical Emergency:

Will your salary be enough to sustain an unfortunate medical situation? We’re not wishing that on you but just being practical. Getting a instant personal loan for a medical emergency is a common site at LenDenClub owing to the quickness of the service that only we can provide. Same day approval and quick money disbursal blends well with the immediate fund requirement during a medical emergency.

Personal loans aren’t as scary as people claim it to be. Through Peer-to-Peer lending platforms like LenDenClub, borrowing money almost feels like a privilege rather than a headache.

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